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Outdoor Solar Animal Repeller with Red LED Lights

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【Energy and Eco Saving】

Jahy2Tech solar animal deterrent is designed to be energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It features a rechargeable battery that can be fully charged by sunlight during the day, harnessing the power of strong sunlight. This ensures continuous operation throughout the night. Additionally, the device is equipped with a unique light sensor that automatically activates the bright red light at dusk to deter predators. It intelligently conserves energy by turning off the lights after dawn, contributing to reduced power consumption and environmental sustainability. It operates efficiently even on rainy days, providing reliable protection for your property. With a full charge, the deterrent can be used for approximately 7 days, delivering excellent performance with minimal energy consumption.

【Humane and Safe】

Our animal repellent device prioritizes the well-being of animals while effectively deterring them from your premises. It employs a humane approach, utilizing physical bright red light to deter animals without causing harm. Unlike traditional methods that involve using poison or chemicals, this device ensures the safety of both animals and the environment. The bright red light acts as a visual deterrent, effectively discouraging animals from entering your property. By choosing our solar animal deterrent, you contribute to the preservation of wildlife while keeping your surroundings protected.


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